Bosco Urbano Art Project in Gambettola – IV edition

One day, a renowned curator told me, “The periphery is the centre, and the centre is the periphery.

This statement finds resonance in the Bosco – Urbano Art Project in Gambettola, a suburban town in the province of Forlì-Cesena, located just a few kilometres from Cesenatico and not far from Rimini. Despite its rural setting, in this small Romagnolo municipality of 10,000 inhabitants, the fourth edition of the festival is coming to life, curated by the Association Circuiti Dinamici.

The association has demonstrated the ability to engage artists from the Insight Foto Festival Varese, organized by the APS Gattabuia Association. The artist’s photographs, visible as bill posters along the main road leading to the station, engage in dialogue with each other and with the surrounding urban environment. The photos have been transformed into street art.

This project showcases how art can turn the peripheries into vibrant hubs of creativity and culture, challenging conventional distinctions between the centre and the periphery. The Bosco – Urbano Art Project in Gambettola is an example of how art can make any place a potential center for artistic expression.